Winter weekend retreat – Shamanic Reiki level 1 course

Winter weekend retreat – Shamanic Reiki level 1 course

January – Saturday 24th (11am start) – Sunday 25th (2pm finish)

As we enter into the new year we will be holding our first winter workshop. Our main focus and teachings will be based upon the Reiki principles and healing ourselves and others through the use of Reiki. Combined with this we will be introducing shamanic healing using drumming and the use of a shacapa to shake out energies which do not serve our better health. You will be attuned to Reiki level 1 over the course of the 2 days, and will be certified by the time you leave the school of moksha. Optionally for those wishing (on Saturday evening), there will be a plant healing ceremony being held for those wishing to learn and be taught by the plants on a deeper level on the Saturday evening.

Reiki is a passive form of Qi qong used to promote and accelerate healing & natural balance within ourselves. Through laying the hands Reiki helps us become more aware of the life giving force within us. As this awareness comes to life, so to does our ability to heal and grow naturally.

Science now recognized the primary of consciousness. This is a shift from a materialist worldview to understanding the currency of energy in all things – especially our health. Our bodies are much more than physical matter, rather they are complex, energetic communication systems.

Reiki awakens us to the consciousness we are – the underlying intelligence that is life. By supporting the most profound aspect of our being, Reiki helps to restore balance, vital living and health. We becomes established in our wholeness and embody grace. From this place healing simply happens.

Throughout the 2 days we will do the following :-

Introductions and opening blessing. The history of Reiki. The Reiki Principles. Guided meditations and energy exercises. Techniques for cleansing your own energy field. Two or three attunement rituals to open your crown, heart and palm chakras to the Reiki energy. You will learn and practise hand positions for giving a treatment to yourself and others. One or two further attunements to the Reiki energy. Guided meditations and energy exercises. Practice treatments on each other. Use of a shacapa & drum in clearing energy within the body and external environment. Basic principles of shamanic healing, working with spirit and creating a link to lower & upper realms to meet with our spirit guides, angels and animals. Optional plant ceremony for those wanting to connect on a deeper level. Ethical and practical guidance for case study treatments. Sharing, question and answer session. you will all receive certification during or after the closing ceremony.

*Please note we have space for a maximum of 8 people for this Reiki course, however we are limiting the ceremony to a maximum of 4 people.

Cost – £100*
Location – School Of Moksha, Crich, Matlock, Derbyshire

*There will be an additional cost of £70 for those wanting a plant healing ceremony

If you would like further information or would like to attend please contact me on or 07533463092.