Space Clearing

Space clearing is an old ancient technique that can clear stagnant lingering unwanted energies. There are many ways this can be done, using various tools. You may find in your home you may find places which feel uncomfortable, maybe even cold. Whatever events may have happened in the space, might be something the individual (s) are picking up on, causing dis comfort. The extremities of this ranges from a small feeling to a certain entity really causing some serious grief. Our walls in our house hold so much energy, energies of past events in the house. Including that of the previous occupants. Spirits also roam your house, some of which again can be quite disturbing when we are not able to accept their presences and send them back to the light. This is why it is when cleaning your house, to not just clean it physically, but to cleanse the areas emotionally & spiritually. This event also connects the individual to the unwanted energies, making them more aware of what is actually happening. This way they know how to deal with better. So the individual will also be taught how to cleanse their house. We use certain tools whilst cleansing areas:-

Essential oils & Floral waters

There are lots of essential oils that can help cleanse your space. We like to use sandalwood & lavender. It permeates into the space making it much more challenging for anything ‘rogue’ to function. If necessary we also sprinkle various special floral waters across the walls. Floral waters are a concoction of flowers doused in a very high content alcohol.

Smudge sticks & Incense

Smudge sticks are basically dried herbs that are burned and wafted to clear space. Traditionally, sweet grass, sage, lavender and cedar are really great for this. For out smudging we particularly like to use Copal, Palo Santo & Sage.


Sound clearing

This is one of my favourite ways to clear space & can be a powerful experience. ‘The beat of a drum will always save you’. You can sing, clap, play chimes, play singing bowls, beat a drum, shake a rattle – whatever works & whatever is called for at the time. When the sound permeates through the space, then it will cut through and break up energies. Consciously allow and hold the space for these energies to ‘move onwards’.

Sacred candles

Candles can really help too, especially if you meditate with them, consciously inviting uninvited energies to draw to flame and pass on. Light it with awareness. Take a moment to pause beforehand and feel the energy of what you doing, so that every step of the process is sacred.

Embrace and love your space. Be comfortable in yourself wherever you are. Love yourself!