Reiki allows the energy to heal the parts of us that is in dis-ease. It is channeled energy that flows through us coming from the source. We do not use our energy, so ours’ is never depleted. When we energy to the recipient(s), we also receive healing energy and will be healed ourselves. Reiki is self-guided by Divine Source and works where the recipient needs it most. It flows through the body on Chakra pathways and fields or levels of energy. The Reiki energy nourishes the organs, atoms, cells & molecules, the very essence of what we are. During a healing, a release of emotions can occur (laughing, crying, happiness), when the Reiki energy brings about dissolution of inner conflicts and blockages. Inner conflicts are the thought and patterns of thought we have in ourselves through our lives, from everyday experiences. Blockages are the actual build-up of energy that forms in our body, that part we sense and feel as pain. Unresolved experiences from many years ago, and unresolved experiences happening now bring blockages and crystallizations in the body. The experiences sometimes take over and dictate life. Talking about a subject constantly or keeping turmoil inside rather than expressing it are ways of holding onto blockages that can form dis-ease in the physical body. This usually happens over a long period of time, because your body is given signals. These signals are to help you realize to let go and let divine take control. Examples of unresolved items that can build ups are divorce, legal problems, not meeting expectations, career dissatisfaction, abuse, the list goes on..


Universal Life Force of LOVE/LIGHT/CHI/PRANA/KI

Guidance from the highest intelligence

The pulsing electricity of the universe

The ability and method to use this energy

Our ability and method to use this energy

Our ability to connect with the intelligence of the universe

Not affiliated to any religion

Highlighting ability for one human to connect with another on a different plain

Most natural way to touch each other to ease pain and stress

The key to unlocking the door to vitality when we have lost some of our fire

Immediate healing process

The release of physical & emotional blockages we have accumulated through our life

An energy that heals the healer first than heals others Unconditional love