Skype Distant Healing

Energy is energy & with energy there are no limitations.  Have you ever wondered how sometimes you may feel a member of family going through something even though they are not physically there? Have you ever sent love to someone across the world?

Distant healing requires no more effort to send Love across than ocean than it requires sending it through your hands as you touch someone. Distance healing is incredibly useful in treating children, animals and treating yourself on areas you which cannot be reached. Beyond time and space is a concept which has only recently started to reach science with Quantum physics, and as distant healing works outside of time and space, distant healing can also be sent to:

  • Yourself as a child, in the future, or in the present
  • Someone who is no longer in a body
  • The space between people (their relationship)

When distant healing we generally have an alter at school of moksha which we use. This alter consists of incense, flowers, crystals and rocks. If it also beneficial if we have the following:-

  • A photo of the person receiving the healing, or if on Skype this is not necessary
  • Original name of person being treated
  • Present location of receiver
  • A specific idea of the problem as much as possible


Skype username : schoolofmoksha

Phone number : 07533463092

Channelling love
Channelling love