Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing is a very ancient method of breathing. When we enter this physical life as babies, we breath consciously, fully and how we should be breathing. As life gets on, we ‘forget’ how to breath properly. We often take something so simple as a our breath for granted. Our breath is a great tool, if not our greatest. If we know how to use our breath, we can release alot of negative energy that does not serve our higher good any longer.

The “dreaded” ego always wants to be in control, and many of us are in a constant battle to rid ourselves of this, fighting against ourselves. It can be like walking into a brick wall over and over again. When this happens, we are far from stillness and far from being present. We are allowing the chatterbox to take over. Through Conscious Breathing we will learn how to still the mind be more aware of unconscious patterns, know how to negotiate with the chatterbox and not be fooled by it and let it control you. Once you can do that, you are than able to change your patterns at the core.

It is often our past hurts & traumas that stunt our growth, we will learn how to erase these & let go instead of holding on to the past. The past and future are illusions and you will find truth in the present, in the NOW.

Conscious breathing puts us in a state of acceptance, in the present, in the NOW