What our visitors say….

hello Azim ! i just made my first healing on a friend of mine yesterday evening … well actually i did not know if i could already heal someone so early in my personal practice , but i did it because she really needed it . And i was very powerful she said , she had a better night and felt better in the morning so i guess i made it properly . I keep on healing myself almost every day as much as i can . And that’s a blessing i even passed through a bad bad cold and feel better everyday so i wanted to thank you again and want to share this “revelation” to everyone i know . Thank you so much Azim. Pitch, from Belgium


I am proud to achieve Reiki master with Azim. I Believe that dreams begin with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called ‘truth’. Azim is calm and understanding with an open mind, who will poke you with a sharp stick if need be 😉 Thank you Azim and School of Moksha for all your support and help. Piotr, from Poland


I had a few reiki sessions with Azim as I was often feeling tired and emotionally unbalanced. Firstly he found out that I was not breathing properly and also that I have a curve in my spine. When he started to perform the treatment I could feel an energy running in my body. I observed that he was doing a few signs and giving attention to some areas in my body. When he was about to finish I cried a lot.. it usually does not happen.. release and healing is how I can describe it. After a few days I noticed that I was breathing better and speaking clearly. My posture is more aligned and I am definitely more vivid and active. Azim have had a great professional manner and the breathing exercises he recommend me is been very helpful. I am truly thankful for the experience. Adrian, from Brazil


I am very glad I met Azim and came along today because it made me peaceful, relaxed and also helped me accept situations. I felt the energy and it calmed my mind. Mohsen, from London.


After a few months of constant negative thinking, paranoid thoughts and fears of all sorts i decided to take part in a sacred healing ceremony with school of moksha. Azim guided and supported me during the period of cleansing and letting go of my fears within one night i managed to face all of them.  I feel at peace now. At school of moksha i learned to not fear. I am grateful for this experiance and looking forward to learning more in the future. Adam, from London


Did I choose Reiki? Or did Reiki choose me? I’m not sure I can answer that question, but I am very grateful that we found each other. I had been interested in spiritual healing and alternatives to western medicine for many years and after I found out that my old friend Azim had recently been attuned to Reiki Master, I knew what I needed to do. I had already been reading old literature on conscious breathing and yoga for while, but I felt that something was missing, and it wasn’t until I had been attuned to Level 1 Reiki by Azim, that I realised exactly what was missing. I was attuned in the forest at sunset amongst the elements, and it was a beautiful uplifting experience. The attunement gave me the knowledge and confidence to heal others and I am extremely grateful for this gift. I have since used my knowledge of Reiki to branch out and really get to grips with many different disciplines. I regularly practice the techniques taught to me and I am looking forward to receiving new teaching to progress to the next level within Reiki. Anton, from London


I really enjoyed the group session! I found a chance to switch off, unwind and re-connect with myself. Talking with other people who came made me see different perspectives on things. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere where you can take the time to retune to the positive. I left feeling re-engergized and refreshed! Louise, from London


My experiences of getting involved with Shamanic ceremonies has been an extremely educating and profound journey. One which, now started, will continue for the rest of my life. The first ceremony I ever took part in was around the time of August 2013. I had previously asked Azim to attune me to Reiki energy so he had invited me along on a trip to Wales for a weekend where I would be attuned. We reached there on a Friday evening, set up camp and chilled for the evening. The next morning Azim attuned me to Reiki 1 and I knew there was a ceremony going to take place that night but I had no idea what the nature of it was, so I enquired about what the ceremonies were and Azim told me that’s the kind I was going to take part in that night. I believe that along with the Reiki attunement the experience for me personally was very powerful. It’s all well and good being in reality going about your business but from that night I understood that there’s a great deal of respect to be given to both the Shaman and the spirit of the plants. I found myself in a realm of no time and space and was unsettled at first, this being my first time trying something quite as intense, so I had to throw up. I could physically see/perceive with my third eye the blocks of energy and fears and darkness inside the pit of my stomach witch was forced out during the purge. After this the magic truly began and I was washed over with vision after vision of a profound nature while simultaneously understanding the nature of my own self. This experience has continued to be consistent in every ceremony I have been a part of as well as the role of the Shaman, being the bridge between this physical world and the spirit world. Each experience is different as well and it’s taught me to not have expectations that comes from our ego because we want the ceremony to go a certain way. Also observing the Shaman’s relationship with the spirits is a humbling thing because he as the facilitator operates from a basis of unconditional love, respect and preparation to ensure a smooth transition into a different state of reality for himself and all participants. I am ever grateful for having taken part in that first ceremony and truly indebted to Azim for the compassion and guidance he has graced me with. Harkishan, from London


We have enjoyed the experience of Reiki. We feel so different after the course, our feelings are more positive and now we’ll say thank you for every little thing and we’re grateful. We’re lucky because we’ve had a very good teacher. Delia, from Madrid,


I am so grateful, in peace and happy to have the opportunity to help the others and myself. The power of life is with us. Only love. Thanks. Ana, from Madrid


Azim is a very grounded yet positive healer. I have known him for many years, and he is an inspiration and a teacher to me as well as being a good friend. I have had the privilege to have Azim work with me doing Reiki, meditation, and various other holistic treatments and I always leave his company feeling healthier, happier and re-charged. His Healing Ceremonys are an amazing experience, educational and beneficial. I strongly recommend anybody who is interested in learning these practices, or just wants healing or guidance to visit School of Moksha. Yanni, from London


Thank you to the universe for bringing me to this centre point. Working with School of Moksha & Azim allows me to be in the present and feel accepting for the person I am today. At the beginning of the workshop I was emotional and not in control but after I felt happy, free and at peace. Thank you.

Natalie, from London