School Of Moksha – Summer Solstice Retreat 2014

Welcome all,

As we are entering into spring, it’s nice to see the plants and trees come back to life. It has been moderately warm and no doubt it will get warmer over the next couple of months. We have planned our first retreat this year, and it will be on this year’s summer solstice. Whilst thousands across the country will be fleeing to the likes of Stonehenge & Glastonbury Tor, we will be visiting sacred sites in the peak district national park. The peak district national park is full of ancient sites, burial mounds, cairns & stone circles which land on ley lines with strong earth energy.

The 3 day retreat will comprise of many spiritual practises, healing & divination. Please see below what the retreat will include:-

  • Reiki 1 course, and a recap for those who are already Reiki healers & masters
  • An introduction to Shamanic Journeying & continuation of learning for those who already make use of shamanic practises
  • Contacting our spirit guides and establishing a relationship so we can work with our spirits on a daily basis
  • Sacred plant healing ceremony* (Amazonian & Celtic) & a Re birth ceremony during the solstice
  • Cutting cords and ties to spiritual & emotional baggage which is no longer serving us to the interests of our wellbeing and health
  • Increasing our own personal awareness to a level which enables us to see and feel past the physical
  • Learning how to acknowledge, accept and respond correctly to our chatterbox rather than react

*Please specify whether you would want to take part in ceremony as there are limited spaces and you will be asked to adhere to a special diet

As you can see we have a lot in store for the 3 days, but as most of you know, the workshops are always relaxed interactive and peaceful. Whether you’re new to Alternative therapies or have been working with universal energies for years, all will benefit. Come along, cleanse your mind, body & soul, and go home feeling refreshed and strong, ready to embrace the rest of the year. The meeting point will be here at the School Of Moksha in Matlock in the early afternoon, than from there will be outdoors until the Sunday. All food will be provided for & tents. However feel free to bring your own equipment as we will be camping. We are not limited the size of the group this time round, however we will be limited the plant healing ceremony to 6 people maximum at the moment, so if you do want to take part in this it will be on a first come first served basis.

Please see below for prices & meeting point information:-

Time : 1pm on Friday 20th June – 4pm on Sunday 22nd June

Meeting point : 20 Chesterfield road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3DQ

Venue : Peak District National Park

Cost : £160

*The nearest big town to Matlock is Chesterfield, Nottingham & Derby also are not too far, if you will be coming by public transport let me know and I can advise the best way as I will be arranging a pick up from Chesterfield. Concessions will be available for those on low income or unemployed