School of Moksha – 2 Year Anniversary – 28/1/2014 – 1pm

School of Moksha 2 year anniversary – Another day for giving – 28/1/2014

So, 2 years next month, January 2014 it will have been 2 years since school of Moksha has opened as a healing centre. A collective of healers as once described, when I founded it in 2011.It has found itself being so much more than this. The journey has been immense to say the least. As some of you may know, myself and Louise will be moving out of London at the start of February to the Peak District/Derbyshire area. I will continue my healing practise up there and continue to spread the light. However, I have spent my last few months with a couple of healers training them, helping them. They will continue to help with School of Moksha here in London for those of you who can’t make the trip up to the Peaks (1 of them, Piotr, is already on my new website as a healer for School of Moksha). Although I am also happy to announce I will be running week long & weekend retreats up where I will be. You can come, for week &weekend retreats for healing, learning, various courses and shamanic initiations.

Over the 2 years running the School of Moksha, I’ve had the pleasure to meet some wonderful people, who have taught me some very valuable & wonderful lessons. People from all walks of life, people embracing such a variety of challenges and struggles. To show our gratitude, we are holding ‘another day for giving’. Some of you may remember the last one, where we held a healing day for Peter Gormans leg. This time round ‘another day for giving’ will be for you.

The whole day will be for you. We will be holding workshops and 1-2-1 healings throughout the day. Refreshments and food will be served. Again feel free to bring cakes and anything people can chow down on. Socialise with people and interact amongst yourselves. We will also be holding a healing ceremony in the evening (A maximum of 4 will be in this ceremony so if you are wishing to part of this ceremony please let me know in advance). There will be no charge but of course you are free to donate as little/nothing or as much as you like.

On top of this, during the month of January, all healing, all courses, all ceremonies will be 60% off the normal cost. So, If you wish to learn Reiki for example, that would be £40 , which is usually £100. If you would like a healing, that would be £20, which is usually £40. Any ceremonies would be £40, which is usually £80. This will be the last healing day, possibly even the last healing to happen within the walls here at 88a Rosslyn Crescent, Harrow. Let’s leave this space in a good vibrations for those who will be staying within these walls next.

Moving forward, I’m happy to announce we have totally revamped our website. Changed our logo and the feel of the whole online look. Please visit this at As I mentioned earlier, I have recently taught Piotr Dolata, an amazing healer, with a great attunement to high universal energies. I am currently training another to help alongside also who I will announce in January.

Location: School of Moksha, 88a Rosslyn Crescent, Harrow, HA1 2RZ

Time: 1pm