The MOKSHA method online development course

MOKSHA method

8 Week Online Self Development Interactive Course

There is 1 simple aim – to assist you in achieving continuous internal states of joy, peace & content. Becoming less and less reliant on ‘things’ both outside & inside of yourself to achieve happiness is a strong focus. Rather them the temporary states of happiness we can find ourselves experiencing, true inner peace & joy is really what you will be working towards. Some may think this isn’t possible, and it isn’t if you are using your past experiences of life to determine what is and what isn’t possible. Thinking your way using logic, reason & other tricks of the mind to find peace, quite often leads only to more confusion. Experiencing what is happening to us right now, accepting & overcoming are integral to the journey towards truth.

Over the 8 weeks you will gain a stronger connection of who you really are and what you are really doing here. The process will take you through a continuous process of deep realization, meditative practices and shifting vibrational patterns. You will learn to let go of your identities & move into higher vibrations. This can only be discovered through self realization, rather than belief. This is a practical course, where you will learn the skills of how to unravel the drama’s contained in your body. From week 1 to week 8 there will be new theoretical & practical lessons.

Change is 1 universal constant, therefore a book sometimes isn’t helpful on how we are to act, even scripture can have its limitations. Instead, you will learn how to embrace the constant changes in your life, and the world around you. You will be taught to divert your attention back to the present and stay there. The past or future wont be such a ruling factor in your life. Traumas & Fear will be your teachers and you will overcome what holds you back and continue to grow.

Techniques will be taught on how to let go off your expectations of the way life should be, as when this happens there is no disappointment or discontent. Perhaps you are trying to control the direction of your life, which is understandable. When the need to control is released or ‘let go’ you will come to realize you than have the power & more importantly the choice to direct your life in certain directions. If you feel you are a puppet at times being directed by your thoughts, emotions & situations around you, perhaps its time to be the director. By the end of 8 weeks you will be directing your life.

MOKSHA is a sancript word meaning ‘release’ or ‘let go’. Ultimatly the state of Moksha is 100% total freedom. The MOKSHA method (Meditation, Observation, Karma, Surrender, Humility, Abundance) will be taught combining energy healing, breathing techniques, daily affirmations, deep mantra meditations & constant guidance through your process. All enrolled on the course will be in communication if they choose too, people working towards similar goals (in this case self development) can be encouraging and really make things happen. An online video classroom will take place weekly. If this classroom is missed you will be sent a recording. Also during the 8 weeks you will have 2 skype healing sessions with Azim.

What next?

So you might be wondering, this sounds good, what next, and how much does it cost? The launch date is week commencing 21st August, however is not limited to this date. Anyone can drop in at later stages. The cost is £100 and there is the option of paying fortnightly or monthly (£25 per fortnightly / £50 per month)

Azim will be facilitating this continuous event. At any time one can drop in and start. If you would like further information please contact Azim on 07533463092 or by email