About Us – Moksha Meditation

Founded during the winter of 2011, by Azim Nobeebaccus, Moksha Meditation has been established initially as a collective of holistic practitioners with a common love & knowledge from all walks of life. It is clear that daily life provides a variety of struggles, traumas and anxiety’s that can reduce or even halt our happiness. We are often left feeling imprisoned moving from thought to thought trying to find a way out, trying to find some amount of peace. Sometimes which we do find, sometimes which we do not. Moksha meditation works towards internal peace, a peace which cannot be disturbed by the external environment. Moksha simply means to let go, release or surrender. To accept whatever situations come our way, results in transition through them, rather than being stuck or at war with ourselves. Sometimes we don’t like the cards we are dealt, simply because we are coming from a place of judgement. Meditation is at the heart of Moksha, working towards higher levels of awareness & consciousness. The Moksha approach is to allow your natural state to return and to stay in your natural state. The Moksha approach is as follows, and this guideline is followed through our practice to achieve higher levels of perception acceptance & awareness. By helping ourselves, turning inwards to confront our internal conflicts and overcome them, we than learn how to heal others. In harmony with ourselves, In harmony with others, In harmony with nature









The healing modalities offered range from Reiki, Conscious breathing, Energy medicine, breath work to Shamanic journeying and Faith healing. We aim to empower others to recognize their ability to heal themselves and heal others. Our approach is a compassionate one, healing with unconditional love, helping people to help themselves. Azim currently run’s Moksha meditation on his own in Matlock Derbyshire, however distant healing & skype sessions are also available.