About Us – School of Moksha 

Founded during the winter of 2011, by Azim Nobeebaccus, School of Moksha has been established initially as a collective of holistic practitioners with a common love & knowledge from all walks of life. It is recognisde that daily life provides a variety of struggles, traumas and anxiety’s that can halt our happiness. The healing modalities range from Reiki, Conscious breathing, Energy therapy, Ancient breath work to Shamanic journeying and Faith healing. We aim to empower others to recognise their ability to heal themselves and heal others. We have a compassionate approach in healing with unconditional love, helping people to help themselves. Due to relocation, Azim currently run’s the school of Moksha on his own, however due to his involvement & network of healers, he does know healers Nationwide, so please contact even if you cannot get to Azim.


Azim Nobeebaccus

IMG_0171Azim Nobeebaccus has experienced much in his 30 years of life. A man of many worlds, Azim is considered by many as a healer, a shaman, a friend & a teacher. When asked what it is he does and who he is, Azim would say – ‘I am human, just like you’. Azim goes by the belief that labels & segregations have caused many limitations to our thinking & feeling. This often contributes and leads to emotional, physical & spiritual sickness. Through compassion and being a strong channel for love, Azim is able to help break down barriers which do not serve our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Guided by & taught directly by the plants themselves Azim offers an understanding, welcoming, thorough, non-judgmental platform for you to be able to heal yourself & learn to heal others.

After awakening some years ago, Azim began to realise his ability to heal was always part of him. Prior to the doors being opened as such, the struggle and hardship which was endured through Azim’s materialistic ego driven cycle is something Azim now looks back at with acceptance and part of his learning in life.

DiviningSince then he’s taken it upon himself to dedicate his life to life itself. Firstly by helping himself then helping others. Through visions and communication from spirit, it has been made clear to Azim that his role here in this physical life is to help others in the effective way in which he has learnt. Through all the modalities Azim is aware of and has learnt, i.e.: Reiki, conscious breathing, energy medicine, shamanic journeying, he would say, ‘these are just words, love is love, light is light, just let it shine’. Compassion, love & honesty shine through Azim’s healing steering those who seek, to move away from judgment and more towards simply accepting what is. Azim has a library of wisdom & knowledge around thought processes and patterns & the metaphysical effects our thoughts have on ourselves, our surroundings & the universe. He is intuitive and has the ability to help people to look at situations from a different perspective, often distantly helping people to see through their own belief structures and guiding them to connect with their own truth. Azim engages with people in a direct, yet gentle & sometimes humorous manner, guiding them to identify and let go of limiting beliefs, to step into their own being and empower them to return to their hearts. He shares the wisdom and teachings he has learnt from his own experiences and uses this as the foundation for his work.